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Genreninja's gameplay for Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition (PC)

Genreninja played Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition

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Genreninja said...
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I was actually looking to buy Civilization Revolution, but was unable to get it. So I settled for the Civilization IV: Complete edition. I have to say, I'm hooked for a little while. I love games like that, used to play Egypt and Ceasar back when I was a kid. I find it that I'm rushing through with little to no challange though. So I once I'm done with this civilization, I'll move on to the next and choose a hardy difficulty.

PS. Where is the tutorial in this game?! I was plopped down with no guidance what so ever and expected to understand all the symbols and buttons!! I'm a quick learner so i'm picking up very fast... but still...

Also, some of the options I don't want to choose.. because of their impact on cultures in real life... so my natural logic tells me to avoid decisions like that... but... we'll see. Right now I'm leading a trade mega culture that is succesfully maintaining favored status with all the other leaders with strong trade agreements, lots of money, and biding my time while I errect an army to annialate them all muahahahaha!
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The funny thing is I was actually going to buy this today. I have Civ Revolution, and it's a good time so I figured this would have even for options and gameplay.

Although I decided to take a chance and buy Spore. I didn't know if my laptop could run it since it didn't have one of the supported graphics cards, but it seems to run fine.

Maybe when I get some more money I will go out and buy this game. Are their achievements for it? Just wondering since I am an achievement whore on my 360 Live account, and didn't know if those would carry over cross-platform.
Not that I know of, only Games for Window's have achievements for the Xbox Live accounts. Civ IV isn't a GfW.
Are you sure? I could have swore it says games for windows at the top of the box.
I think only Games for Windows - Live games (note the "Live" part) include Achievements, not Games for Windows games.
I bought it through steam so I didn't get to see the box, perhaps I'm wrong..Or, perhaps it just doesn't have achievements. But I am really enjoying it so ^_^ I still recommend it regardless.
@Retodon8 I think your right. Thanks for pointing that out. I think I might still get it. Although, I wanted to get it so that I could still use my dashboard.
@Genreninja There is multiplayer right? When I was reading the description I only noticed it say LAN. I wouldn't think they would release a game like that without multiplayer, but you never know.
@WayneMSmith yeah its multiplayer, haven't played the multiplayer though. I'm still trying to learn my way around the game.
@Genreninja Good to hear. It can be a difficult game to master. I mean even the 360 version was pretty difficult to learn all the ins and outs. Like culture for example. It may not have any big effects, but if you can use it right you can take over a city without even starting a war.
There's Play-By-Email multiplayer too, by the way. The games can take a while though - I'm working one now that started in early April, and generally play five or six a year...
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